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Hello! It’s Mitch Tarr, President and CEO of Today we have a really great tip for you in the form of a case study where I can actually show you an example of something, how someone who is doing it really well, and maybe give you some tips on how you can do it the same way, and perhaps do it even better. Today we’re going to focus on where you should place opt in forms on your website. This is a pretty important thing. Most people don’t get it right. Here is exactly how you do it!

If you’re a photographer, you’ll recognize this company, Pocket Wizard. This is their website You can see the Home page here…the very first thing that catches my attention is right across the top there, in that top navigation bar, Blog/Wiki Partners. There is a newsletter sign up form.

There is a clickable link. It’s right on the top of the page, and it’s in the navigation structure. That is something that you should do in your navigation structure where you have all of the other links and links to places in your website. Make sure there is a link to your signup form that offers something.

A newsletter is fine, a free whitepaper, a free report, a free something…a special coupon, a coupon, anything you have to sign up for. Make sure that you have navigation for it from the Home page, and also on all of the pages where you have your navigation.

Something else you’ll see on the Home page here is the signup for a monthly newsletter ad. It’s a little banner ad. They’ve done a good job. It’s above the fold. It’s to the top left, which is really good real estate. If I was doing this differently, I would probably, instead of putting the Pocket Wizard logo again, I would probably put some more marketing speak that kind of tells you why you should join the monthly newsletter.

And news inspiration creativity…it’s kind of nice, but there’s no real benefit in it for me. It doesn’t say things like “Monthly Tips on Great Photography Skills”…something you can learn. So, a lot of people will sign up for this. More people will sign up if you give them a reason to. That’s a very good practice. Right there on the Home page are two places you can get into a signup form.

If you click on either one of those places, this is the page that you land on. It is a dedicated landing page. It’s got Newsletter Sign Up. It tells you here it’s a newsletter filled with information on how you can be more creative with Pocket Wizard photo products.

It’s a bit of a benefit. It uses the dreaded submit button, which you know my preference is to use something other than the word submit. Even subscribe is a little bit weak, but I would put something like “Sign me up” or “Get me started”. “Send me my first newsletter.” “Start me up.” “Let me join.” “Join now.” Anything that’s got a little more action and emotion to it than the word submit.

Something else that’s important to do, and these guys do it on their blog, is put a newsletter sign up on every single page in your website. I would do it this way.

This is the practice I would follow. Basically, instead of using the little banner ad like on the Home page, I would put the newsletter form right in the side, like they’ve done here. Again, don’t use the submit button-use something else. But the form is right there, and it’s on every single page, and that’s a really excellent practice.

So, if you do these three things…if you place an opt in form on your home page above the fold, (top left or top right is ideal), if you have an opt in form on every single of your website and every single blog post in your website, and if you have the separate page with the navigation to it on your website then you’re going to be kind of maximizing the number of chances people have to join your list or get subscribed to something or get an offer.

You’ll be building your list more aggressively. Some point in the future we’ll talk about pop ups and the impact that that can have, and you’ll learn specifically why that can be a good thing.

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t let you know that you can get more information about Zin Marketing. We do emails for companies every single day, and we also have training programs where you can learn to do it yourself. Thanks for listening. Hope you’ve got something to work on!

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