The iPad has made quite a splash this year in all industries and it was only a matter of time before innovative marketers figured out how to use the iPad to increase direct to consumer wine sales.

I’ve seen a few blog posts recently which highlighted how an iPad can help collect email addresses in a winery tasting room but I recently came across a company who has taken it to the next level.

wineWhat Ra-software has done is to really understand and help winery tasting room visitors to remember their visit to your tasting room–and at the same time give your visitor a good reason to leave behind their email address.

What you see on the right is an example of their software application (which runs on an iPad) set up to help visitors remember their visit to YOUR tasting room.

Many visitors to a wine region like Napa or Sonoma will visit more than a single winery.  It’s not uncommon to visit 4 or 5 wineries in a single day!

It can be easy to forget which wine you wanted to refer back to later.

Ra-software has built an easy-to-use application which solves that problem.

Using the iPad app, a visitor can rate a wine on a scale from 1 to 5, input their email address, and the application sends them an email summarizing their tasting notes!

Just like that, your winery has improved the visitor experience and now stands apart from other wineries in the area.

If the visitor gives their permission, the winery may then add the visitor to their newsletter to keep in touch.

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