You probably know already we are fans of iContact, the email marketing software company which helps you to set up and run excellent campaigns.

screen_shot_2010-05-10_at_3-44-49_pmWhat you probably don’t know is that iContact provides a very powerful and comprehensive email autoresponder feature.

You can learn more about the ins and outs of the emailautoresponder here but from my experience with a number of customers in a number of industries the email autoresponder is WAY underutilized.

What you need to know about the iContact Autoresponder.

Only two things, but they are doozies!  First, you want to set up a different autoresponder for different purposes.  Don’t get in the habit of trying to make one autoresponder suit all purposes.

You might offer a free report and you could set up an autoresponder series that sends 7 messages over 6 weeks that helps people to remember to read and implement the information in the free report.  Very powerful stuff.

Second, you want to make sure you check the statistics on your autoresponders.  If you send 7 messages and the third one causes complaints, unsubscribes, and no one clicks on the link in the message . . . you might want to consider changing it.

Even better, if you find message four has a very high open rate and very high click rate and people reply to the message directly, you have just learned something about your market.

So if you are an iContact customer and you aren’t using an iContact autoresponder, you should start — now.  If you don’t know how, get in touch with us, we’ll write some killerautoresponders for you.  That’s what we do!