First, you have to use Vertical Response for your email marketing service.  Then, you have to realize that you want to do more with your email marketing.  You want to send more often, write better promotions, create a stunning newsletter, and generally not feel like you should be doing something other than trying to write your latest email.

screen_shot_2010-06-16_at_10-25-54_pmFour Ways A Vertical Response Expert Can Help Your Business.

1. Create some copy.  The heart of good email campaigns is good writing.  I don’t mean good writing like you see in a thesis submission.  I mean good writing that connects with your readers and is compelling and human.  We write it like you would say it.

2. Plan a strategy.  An expert can help you step back from the trees so you can see the forest.  Often we find customers spending tons of time on the wrong thing.  We know from experience where you should spend your time and can help you plan an effective strategy using email, that will match your business and marketing strategy.

3. Audit your processes.  An email process audit can help to figure out why your emails go out with mistakes or don’t generate the results you expect.  Often it can be something simple but we look at how you collect email addresses, what you send them and your statistics to see what works–and what doesn’t.

4. Do the work for you. If you want to free your time up to focus on running your business and not have to worry about getting an email out the door at the last minute (which is of course where the mistakes start to show up) then you can let a Vertical Response expert do the work for you.  Your productivity increases and your results improve.

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