It seems pretty straightforward that an Aweber expert could help you but there might be some important email marketing strategies you’re not using because you are new to Aweber or you haven’t had time to use it to its full potential.

screen_shot_2010-05-07_at_11-36-37_amI’m a big fan of Aweber myself.  It was the first auto responder system I used when I started using them in 2005.

Here’s a few ways an Aweber expert could help you out.

1.  Get you started. You might have just signed up for an Aweber account and have started to read the tutorials and watch the videos and perhaps you feel a bit overwhelmed.  There is a lot to get familiar with.  An expert can get you going faster.

They can organize your settings and set up your system fast.  And the quicker you get ready to send messages the quicker you can be ready to take advantage of those juicy benefits of email marketing.

2.  Do a review of your Aweber usage.  Usually an Aweber expert will have had expertise with Aweber in different industries and for different applications.  They also know what a typical result can be and how you stack up.

A review can also highlight areas wheere you aren’t taking full advantage of the software features.

3.  Teach you to be a power user.  You might not be using pop ups for optins, or split testing for improving results, or reviewing reporting statistics.  Taking your Aweber account to the next level could yield better results for you.

4.  Write some killer copy for you. Sometimes you’re doing things right technically but your messaging is dull and boring. Or your marketing promotions just fall flat.  Good copy can make a difference in open rates, clickthrough rates and conversion rates.

5.  Take over for you.  If you are growing and want to hand this off to someone you could take great advantage of an Aweber expert.  You don’t need to hire a person and you don’t need to do it yourself.  You can spend your time running your business instead.

Of course this is what we do for a living.

As email marketing consultants we are standing by to help you succeed further.

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