Here’s a pretty good example of a well-done ad plus landing page combo to build a list.

Here’s the ad from my Facebook feed.


Nothing fancy.  Take note.  The ad specifies “Biz Owners” in the headline.  That’s a good thing.  The missing link is no benefit is specified for signing up.  You do learn there are 14 DIY topics but no reason why I should get this.  If you’re running ads like this make sure you test lots of variations of your ad to get the right traffic to your landing page.

Here’s the landing page the ad takes you to.


This is a pretty good landing page.  You’ll notice the image of the ebook matches the image in the ad.  That helps people figure they are in the right place.

There is copy at the bottom of the page that describes why you should sign up.  You’ll notice the form asks for Name, Email, and Phone.  By asking for phone number, you’ll get a lower conversion rate overall but you’ll have the ability to follow up with a phone call directly.  (assume you’ll get mostly valid data)

You may want more conversions and if you only ask name and email you’ll get more names to market to with your follow up campaigns.

One tip.  I suggest you use a better call to action that two buttons called Save or Reset.  I like a more exciting button like; “Send me the Handbook!”.  Just make sure to avoid the dreaded “Submit”.

A clean landing page campaign like this can help build your list faster.