By now you’ve probably heard of Groupon.  If you haven’t, you will soon.  (or visit the Groupon website and read about it)

First, we can all take a lesson from the Groupon site design.  Here is their sign up box where you can join their list.



You should note that this ACTION form is found on their website where everyone else has a big useless (IMO) header.

It is clean and simple and the primary action they want you to take is to join their list.

Just in case you don’t take advantage of this method to sign up, they give you a second chance.



Both of these sign up options are above the fold and on the home page.  Fantastic design in my opinion.

Think about the real estate on your website.  Are you willing to do something so bold to support your site’s goals or build your list?

Next, I’ll write about why I think most merchants who sign up for Groupon to promote their business are missing the boat.