Business is often a matter of getting the best Return on Your Investment.  I think generally you have two things to get a return on; your cash and your time.

Let’s look at getting a return using email marketing.  These points apply if you are or are not using email now.

1.  Skill.  Do you have it?  How many email campaigns have you sent?  How did you learn the best practices?  How many hours have you invested in your copywriting skills?  How do you know what to send and what not to send?

Outsourcing email marketing means someone who has invested a whole lot more time and who has a whole lot more experience than you is doing the work–properly.

2.  Time.  Where are you spending your time in your business?  Are you a good delegator?  Are you known as a do-it-yourselfer?  Are you busy looking after customers?

More importantly, is there something more important for your business that you could be doing than staying up late at night and proofing email copy and formatting for AOL, MSN, Hotmail, Macs, Yahoo, MS Outlook, and Gmail?  (You do send a test to all these email addresses?)

3.  Highest ROI.  Investing in marketing is good for any business.  And it’s an investment.  You advertise because you hope to win new customers or generate new leads.

Every year email marketing is listed as the Number 1 marketing channel–returning the highest ROI of any channel.

Many of our customers have simply looked at their marketing channels and replaced their investment in an underperforming marketing expense with email marketing.

That simple shift of resources gets better results with the same or lower cost–improving your marketing ROI.