What are some techniques to make your email marketing “wanted” by your target audience and increase your website traffic?

Here are three approaches to help your email marketing improve website traffic:

  • Focus on your message – make sure your email has a clear purpose.  Are you promoting a new product or service?  Do you have a sale or promotional campaign starting?  Is there a contest?  The subject line of your email should vividly articulate the email purpose in an attention-getting manner.
  • Timing is everything – every industry has particular times that are more convenient to review marketing information.  For example, some industries may place product orders around the 25th of every month.  With that in mind, it might be a good idea to send promotional information around the 20th while the orders are being built.  With other businesses, a particular time of day such as early morning or end of day may work best.  Get to know your industry to find out how best to time your email marketing.
  • Call to action – always have some reason for your reader to go to the website – do not give away all of the information in the email marketing piece.  Instead give just enough to tempt the reader to click on the link to get more information or to buy.  The use of promotional codes or special coupons can effectively encourage your customers to go to the website for the special offers.

Email marketing can be a great conduit between your target market and your website.  With these email marketing techniques, your website customer traffic will increase as well as your business sales volume.