Email Marketing Plus Facebook is Like Peanut Butter & Jelly… Better Together

Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. Here’s a nice integrated marketing campaign that makes use of the power of email marketing combined with remarketing tools in Facebook. The concept of an integrated email campaign is to combine a message in one medium (email) with a matching or supporting message in another medium (Facebook). […]

Perhaps we shouldn’t call it email marketing any more!

There used to be a time when you used the term email marketing and most people had a picture in their head of a marketing process that was simple. Simple, in the sense that you had a Constant Contact account.  You selected your favorite template, and you sent a newsletter (usually monthly).  Then you put […]

Think Social Marketing is Crushing Email? Think Again.

If you’re a marketer or own a business, you’ve heard the hype about social media marketing. You also may have experienced the distinct disappointment of a socially-driven campaign underperforming. A recent study by Custora sheds some new light on this. Email marketing is here to stay. As an email marketing specialist, maybe that statement smacks […]

Use Facebook Ads and a Landing Page to Build Your List

Here’s a pretty good example of a well-done ad plus landing page combo to build a list. Here’s the ad from my Facebook feed. Nothing fancy.  Take note.  The ad specifies “Biz Owners” in the headline.  That’s a good thing.  The missing link is no benefit is specified for signing up.  You do learn there […]

Where’s my email from Netflix?

I had to weigh in on the Netflix debacle that’s all over the news these days.  In case you’re reading this in the future, you might remember this as the time when Netflix raised their rates as much as 60% and spun off the DVD-by-mail business to a new business called Quickster.  (I know it’s […]

READER SURVEY: Top 5 Email Marketing Challenges.

I’ve been compiling the results of my email marketing survey and without further ado, here are the the answers to my three questions.   This number surprised even me. The good news is that people are sending something at least every month.  The bad news is more than 50% are not! Email marketing is like […]

NEWS: Strongmail Study Points to Increased Budgets for Social Media in 2011

The trend now is to start to properly fund email and social media spending in many companies or to increase spending in others. Recent studies from eMarketer support this study. “Email marketers have been warming up to social media for the past year, using social elements like ‘share with your network’ and buttons to connect […]