Why list building = lead generation

Let’s step back a bit.  There are so many good applications for email marketing that I think many can get lost in the shuffle.  And I see terminology used incorrectly leading many businesses to misunderstand what email marketing is all about. Let me explain. Have you ever heard the expression, “The money is in the […]

Case Study: Local Restaurant New Customer Acquisition

I think one of the best ways to demonstrate good email marketing practices is to show them in real life.  Here’s an example of a local promotion for new customer acquisition. You can see from the copy the offer is pretty good. Since I was interested in “$20 off my next bar tab” I had […]

Use Facebook Ads and a Landing Page to Build Your List

Here’s a pretty good example of a well-done ad plus landing page combo to build a list. Here’s the ad from my Facebook feed. Nothing fancy.  Take note.  The ad specifies “Biz Owners” in the headline.  That’s a good thing.  The missing link is no benefit is specified for signing up.  You do learn there […]

Learn from this perfect B2B email marketing campaign.

I won a new client recently.  I love them. They are a perfect fit for our email marketing strategies and I thought I would take a look at how B2B email marketing did the selling for me… …because I just took the phone call and signed the deal. No convincing, no selling, no price discounting.  […]

A good example of email list building by PRWEB

I’m a big fan of PRWEB.com and have used them over the years to release online news releases. They’re also pretty good marketers. I noticed this ad earlier today when I was on Facebook (during my break of course!) You can tell because the “Download Writing Great Online News Releases” offer is a powerful offer. […]