Why You Need a Monthly Email Newsletter

Most of you know that having an email newsletter is a good thing. Many of you even have the intent to create an email newsletter every month. Somehow, though, things go horribly wrong. It’s pretty rare for me to see a business where the email newsletter is a high priority… …yet it should be! If […]

ZinMarketing Reviews the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Email Strategies

I’m so envious. Somewhere, in some city, in some office, there is a marketing agency, or a marketing person, or a staff member who created the idea for the Ice Bucket Challenge. And in so doing, they created what every marketer dreams of.  A bona fide, grand slam, viral marketing campaign… one that includes celebrities, […]

How to Run A/B Split Tests to Improve Your Email Campaign Results

There are a group of professional marketers out there that believe strongly that tracking and measuring the ROI on your marketing money is one of the best ways to optimize your spend.  They also believe that testing your marketing campaigns is one way to gain the highest possible return. I’m one of those types of […]

Think Social Marketing is Crushing Email? Think Again.

If you’re a marketer or own a business, you’ve heard the hype about social media marketing. You also may have experienced the distinct disappointment of a socially-driven campaign underperforming. A recent study by Custora sheds some new light on this. Email marketing is here to stay. As an email marketing specialist, maybe that statement smacks […]