Case Study: Local Restaurant New Customer Acquisition

I think one of the best ways to demonstrate good email marketing practices is to show them in real life.  Here’s an example of a local promotion for new customer acquisition. You can see from the copy the offer is pretty good. Since I was interested in “$20 off my next bar tab” I had […]

Design a simple and effective email marketing campaign

I’m not ashamed to say I’m a big fan of pizza.  My waistline doesn’t agree but who’s in charge here. One company that I think does an excellent job and the discipline of marketing is Papa Johns.  I’ve got a ton of great marketing campaigns and today’s example is a fundamental tenant of marketing that […]

How to Use an iPad to Grow Your Email List.

One question I get frequently is “How do I grow my list?” I’ve shown some great examples of list building techniques here in this blog but I came across one yesterday that I thought was quite well done. Use an iPad as a data entry screen. This is a simple three step process and you’ve added […]