ZinMarketing Email Marketing Review – CrawfordThomas.com

INTRODUCTION: We search the web for companies that we can use an an example of good email marketing practices and we make a few suggestions on how they could be better. After running 2,400 successful email marketing campaigns in 104 different industries, we’ve learned a thing or two about what works. We share our experience […]

Email Marketing Review: Bonacquisti Wine

INTRODUCTION: Our ZinMarketing Email Marketing Reviews are written so you can see a real live example of how a certain company is using email marketing and by example to show you how you improve. Up today, the Bonacquisti Wine Company in Denver.  Billed as ‘Denver’s Urban Winery’, word on the street is they have a […]

A classic email collection case study: thehockeywriters.com

Sometimes I find an example of email marketing best practices that is just too good to pass up sharing. I was reading in the NHL off season to get my hockey fix, and I came across this website: http://thehockeywriters.com/ Aside from it’s great layout (and content of course), I noticed something.  This simple popup showed up […]

ZinMarketing Reviews the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Email Strategies

I’m so envious. Somewhere, in some city, in some office, there is a marketing agency, or a marketing person, or a staff member who created the idea for the Ice Bucket Challenge. And in so doing, they created what every marketer dreams of.  A bona fide, grand slam, viral marketing campaign… one that includes celebrities, […]

My best example of an email newsletter campaign (including design)

One of my clients from a few years ago has been continuing to work on their email newsletter and I think today it is one of the BEST examples out there of how to do a newsletter… especially if one of the reasons you do a newsletter is to sell product. Let’s jump right into […]

Sample newsletter checklist to help you create killer e-newsletters

Part of the challenge with creating a sample newsletter for you to base your e-newsletters on is there are so many different designs and templates available that your choices can be mind-boggling. However, that’s your challenge. How do you find an email newsletter template that can showcase your awesome brand? The good news is you […]