I’ve talked before about how common it is to see a company send a Newsletter out to all their customers and all their prospects that uses the same content.

I think it’s a hold over from the old days when a paper newsletter was mailed out the the ‘mailing list’.  And these days, with the power of database software and email marketing software it’s not too difficult to separate your customers into different groups.

Here’s the customer segmentation strategy.

Separate your customers into three groups.

1.  Blue Chip customers.  In every company there are a small group of clients who are your blue chips. They love you.  They support you.  They forgive your mistakes and they look forward to hearing what you have to say.

2.  Customers.  These are your current customers that maybe don’t spend as much or buy as often or recommend you to everyone.  This is the group that also will leave you for a 5% price break or a minor mistake or the promise of a bit better service.

3.  Past customers.  Often the grass is not greener on the other side.  Some of these customers may have left you recently or even years ago, but they may be out there and open to reconnecting with you.


Then, create a different series of email messages for each group.

1.  Blue Chips are Special.  Send a message to this group they are special.  Let them feel like they are members of the exclusive country club–your country club.  Let them hear from the CEO with a personal message.  Give them advanced notice of your events and offers.

2.  Customers need reason to become Blue Chips.  Your messages to this group should be giving them opportunities to get in the ‘club’.  Don’t let them forget about you by sending messages too infrequently and don’t ignore them.

3.  Woo past customers back.  OK, they left.  Don’t hold a grudge.  Work harder, offer more, and try to win them back.  Let them know you’ve got new things to offer, more value to add and products they’ve never seen before.

So in my book this means you’ve done some customer segmentation and now you have message segmentation.

Don’t just send a newsletter to all–use your email skills and your new customer segmentation skills to make separate and targeted offers to each.