Do You Make These Costly Mistakes With Your Email Marketing?

Learn how to grow a big list, send the proper kind of email, and increase your email direct sales 188%–or more.

Winery marketing is not easy to do. There are 101 things to do and sending emails to your most important fans seems to slip to the bottom of the list all too often.

Here are some common mistakes that could be costing you money that you don’t even think about.

Do you know . . .

•    why using the wrong From address suppresses readership?
•    how to avoid being labeled as a spammer?
•    why you get blacklisted?
•    why too many images in an email can destroy the message?
•    why not personalizing your email actually creates distrust?
•    what web page to send readers in your email — and which one NOT to?
•    that over mailing your list can hurt your reputation?
•    that under mailing your list can also hurt your reputation?
•    that good email marketing skills have nothing to do with budget or winery size?

If you are thinking you may be making some of these mistakes, read on, this may be the most important message you read all year.

In the last year I read over 2,347 emails from wineries.

Nobody knows more about what your customers are being sent by wineries than I do.

Last year I signed up for 496 winery newsletters.  I expected to be dazzled with high quality, compelling, effective sales messages from these wineries–some of which are at the top of the heap.

Instead I was appalled.  And I decided to do something about it.  I went to work studying the 2,347 emails I received from these wineries.

And you’ll be glad I did.

Most Wineries Could Improve.

It amazed me to learn that for email marketing in the winery industry there is a lot of very poor and costly practices. Many of these practices don’t support the winery brand at all!

It’s true that email marketing takes some time and that it isn’t as simple as you are lead to believe.

It’s also true that emails can generate an average order size of up to $800.  How do you stack up?

The information from this research combined with my 10 years of doing on line and email marketing give you a blueprint not found anywhere.

After studying those 2,347 emails I knew that wineries needed to learn how to do email marketing properly.

Here are some more of the basic mistakes I noticed.

•    The optin form didn’t work.  A flat out technical error.  No wine for me.
•    No emails were received until a month later.  People want it now!
•    The newsletter was too confusing.  Too many items in one email.
•    I received emails that weren’t relevant to me based on where I live.
•    There was no way to unsubscribe – a clear CANSPAM violation.
•    The entire content of the email was often just, “Thank You” — a perfect opportunity missed.
•    Many emails were from info@ — not very personal

…and the list goes on.

So that’s why I turned my research into this report.

I will take you by the hand and show you how to use email effectively.

The ZinMarketing Winery Email Marketing Report is now available. We’ve compiled our stats, drawn our charts, and selected our examples.

Here’s what you’ll learn by reading and applying the lessons of this report to make your winery email marketing fly.

You get a pdf file including 145 color pages of specific action items and real-life examples to learn from.

  •  Industry statistics to tell you how your email campaigns stack up.
  •  How using the right subject line will get more people to read your email.
  •  Why it’s better to send two short emails than one long one.  It’s not why you think.
  •  One follow up tactic that NO wineries are using but will increase your sales 50%.
  •  Detailed stats on average order size, average email list size, frequency of email AND direct mailing to show how you compare.

But that’s not all. . .

  • Your top email marketing questions will be answered.  Here are ten of them.
  •  How to get your email delivered.  It’s easier than you think.  3 secrets.
  •  Why you can’t just buy a list of wine lovers and blast away.
  •  Why the copy you write is more important than the image you select.
  •  Why you need to send more than 5 emails per year to your list.
  •  How to use your tasting room to grow your list.
  •  Why no one is signing up on your website-this one is so simple, you’ll kick yourself.
  •  How to get over some of the emailing myths that are holding you back.
  •  Why your web designer is the LAST person to do your emails for you. It’s ok I love my designer too.
  •  Why email is the perfect tool to GROW your club and keep your customers in your club.
  •  Why it doesn’t matter if you produce 1000 cases or 100,000 cases email can pay for itself in under 30 days.
  • What would you spend to double your email sales ?

The information in this report is worth easily 10 times the price I have set for it.

When I told people how much I wanted to charge they thought it was priced way too low considering the value of the information.

The price of the report is $197.00.  Just the survey information alone is worth that amount.

I am doing something with this report, you should know about. Because the information on how to improve email results is so powerful, I am only releasing 50 copies.


Yes, there will only be 50 copies of this report sold.  If everyone had a copy then the advantage of using these strategies would be reduced.

And I’ll even include these two bonuses.

Bonus #1. (Value $49)
Report on the Wine Spectator Top 100 Wines Email Practices.

This report demonstrates the top email practices of the 2007 Wine Spectator Top 100 Wineries.  They make great wine,  do they do great email marketing?  Hint:  only 3 are using the tools in the report.

Bonus #2. (Value $97)
Report on how to minimize your spam complaints.  The biggest worry among winemakers is how not to damage your reputation by being labeled a spammer.

This report solves that problem.

Money back guarantee.

You might be wondering if you’ll make your money back fast enough to make this investment a good one.

I am so confident you will easily earn back the value of this report I am willing to let you test drive it for 90 days.

If you don’t earn back your investment in 90 days, you simply return the report to me and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.  You can even keep the bonus materials.

How to order.

Click on this button to use Paypal or a major credit card and you’ll be reading the downloadable reports within 5 minutes.

What could be easier?


ZinMarketing Winery Email Marketing Report


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