Autoresponders Developed for you by Sales and Marketing Experts.

The concept of an autoresponder is simple.

You pre-set a message or series of messages to deliver an email to a timed sequence.  Once you create an autorespondersequence you don’t have to fuss with it.

Autoresponders are massively underused!

Here’s a few ways you could use an autoresponder to increase sales.

  • Send an automatic message when someone buys your product.
  • Send a welcome email and 3 follow up messages when someone buys their first product from you.
  • For eCommerce shops send a short series or messages when a buyer leaves your shopping cart without buying.
  • Send a series of messages to a customer who has canceled their account to try to win them back.
  • Send a series of marketing messages that follow the signup for a newsletter, white paper or free report. (one of my favorites)
  • Send a series of marketing messages that follow a survey completion.
  • Send a series of messages that follow a first contact at a trade show.
  • Send a series of messages that lead up to an event or seminar.
  • Send an automatic reminder message.
  • Send an automatic message at an anniversary date or Birthday.

. . . and there is more!

Autoresponders Help Build Strong Relationships.

Because autoresponders help to build stronger customer and prospect relationships it means that your customer retention and prospect development efforts improve.

The challenge of course is knowing what is the right copy to write for a series to be effective.

Bad Autoresponders Just Don’t Work!

Poorly written copy or bad messages, or just plain irrelevant or annoying messages can have the opposite effect.

That’s why we have studied the specific results of every campaign we’ve developed.  We know what works and through our experience we know what doesn’t work.

If we write a series for you, you won’t have to guess.

In short, we're an e-mail marketing agency that will do the work -- you make the money and get to focus on what you do best -- run your business.

We only select a few clients each month to work with.

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