ZinMarketing Email Marketing Services

Email Assessment and Action Plan

Often you have an email campaign in place, or a newsletter you send out, or a desire to do something with bulk email mailings.

We help you to step back and get a proper strategy in place by doing an analysis of your current marketing strategies and email marketing strategies.

Then, we go away and prepare a 12 point detailed assessment and action plan of the best way to use email in your business.  The plan is tailored to your situation and the strategy is the best way to use email to meet your marketing goals.


Email Auto Responder Series

Copy and strategy for auto responders also varies from industry to industry and company to company.

Again, we interview you to ensure we have a clear understanding of how auto responders can work for your business and we’ll create a 6 to 10 message series for you to implement.

We write the copy and format the messages for the best result.  Auto responders are about building a relationship and establishing trust.

Once you have that in place you’ll have a new source of business that you hadn’t known existed before.

Read more about autoresponders here.


Email Monthly Service Subscription

This is the most popular of our email marketing services.  In this program we behave like part of your marketing team.

1.  We do the analysis and strategy for you.

2.  We manage your lists and help build your list even faster.

3.  We create winning email marketing campaigns.

4.  We write the copy, do the set up, testing, and sending of your messages.

5.  We report on the results to improve future campaigns.

In short, we roll up our sleeves and do the detailed work for you.  You enjoy the benefits.


Email Copy Services

Sometimes all you need is to have your copy spruced up.

You might need good promotions or newsletter content.

If you’re holding up your email marketing campaigns because you can’t, won’t or don’t like writing, no problem.  We do.

We’ll write for you and you’ll see a lift in your open rates, click though rates and sales results.


Email Coaching Program

You still want to do it yourself but you just need to know how.  We’ll take you through a step by step program and teach you our proprietary email marketing process.

At the end of this program you’ll have the skill to really make email marketing work for you.  Doesn’t matter what type of business you have or how many people are on your list, you’ll be a pro.

In short, we're an e-mail marketing agency that will do the work -- you make the money and get to focus on what you do best -- run your business.

We only select a few clients each month to work with.

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If you're interested in learning more, I highly recommend that you submit your application immediately! If your application is accepted, YOU’LL ALSO GET... a free 30-min consultation with me personally to help us decide if/how we might want to work together -- so there's absolutely no risk!

But remember: I only want to work with companies that want to build a high quality super successful relationship with their readers -- and if my research is any indication, there are lots of you out there. If this does NOT describe you, please just send for the free report at the top of this page.

Wishing you success,

P.S. If you don't take the time to look at improving your emarketing, when WILL you start? OR -- how WILL you grow the sales and profits of your existing online presence?