ROI for eMail Marketing

ROI stands for Return On Investment and the best marketers in the world use it every day.

Email marketing produces one of the top ROIs of any marketing medium.

Here’s how email marketing can increase the ROI of your web site and your current mailing list.

Its not uncommon for a personal email to generate anywhere from $2.00 to $4.75 per subscriber when you send out an offer.

It might be less but done properly it could be a whole lot more.

As an example a list of 1,000 people that you professionally contact 10 times per year could yield up to $47,500 in incremental revenue.

What if you had 3,000 names on your list?

Today it is no longer enough to have a nice website and a newsletter signup.

You need to be able to ensure your customers know what you are doing and and anticipate hearing from you.

That means email.

Most important reasons why marketers will use email in 2007:

  • drive incremental revenue 55.3%
  • reinforce brand positoin 19.1%
  • improve customer loyalty 10.6%
  • reactivate customers 8.5%
  • drive more frequent purchases 6.44%

Source datran meda, Feb 2007

Remember, 97% of visitors to your website will never return.

But they would if you gave them a reason to. Here are some reasons.

How email marketing can fill your tradeshow booth with visitors.

If you have a tradeshow coming up ensure you send an email out and give your customers or prospects a good reason to come by your booth.

Even better if you have a limited quantity offer they have to visit you to get.

People want what they can’t have.  It’s human nature.

How email marketing can  move inventory.

You might have new products coming in or you might have old inventory to clear.

In either event you might want to let your biggest fans (your customers) know so they can get the best deal.  Let them in on the inner circle.

People want to feel special and unique.

How email marketing can increase attendance when you have an event to promote.

The simple offer to attend an event that is a must see event with some exclusive or mystery guests increase curiosity and encourage attendance.  Invite them to stop by and say hi.

People want to be part of something cool.

And there are more . . .

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