Have you caught the QR code bug yet?  You may have seen codes like the one below showing up at tradeshow booths, in magazines, and on store shelves.


imgThe 17 year old technology (QR stands for Quick Response) was designed to be read by scanners for quick identification.

Today the scanner is your iPhone.  Download a quick app (I use ScanLife) and you can read these codes with your phone.

The way to use a QR code is to think of places you could put one (like for instance in a Winery Tasting Room, or a retail checkout) that people would be able to quickly scan it.

I’d suggest you create a QR code and use it to send a visitor to a simple sign up page.  On the sign up page offer something of value like a free report (scan the code above to see it in action).

The possibilities are endless for marketing but I like QR codes for building your email list faster and easier than before.

Look for opportunities with any place where you or your product or service interact with a prospect or customer.

One of the new applications I really ilke is done by Winergy Inc. who got the use of this technology in wineries right away.