ZinParter Program – Designed to Support YOUR Clients

The ZinPartner Program is designed for individuals or companies that provide professional services and would like to introduce world-class professional email marketing services to their customers or prospects in exchange for a fee.

Our program is very simple.

We provide services to clients introduced to us by you and we’ll pay you a finders fee for the lifetime of the client.  Sometimes our clients are short term projects but mostly our ideal clients keep us on retainer for months or years.

Our sales process has been perfected.

1.  You provide an introduction, send an email to your clients, make a referral, or create a personal connection with a prospective client.

2.  We do a 15 min qualifiying call to see if there is a fit between the client’s marketing goals and our capabilities.  If not, we stop here.  If yes, we go to step 3.

3.  We do a 30 min capabilities presentation of how we provide our services and present them with an offer at the end of the presentation.

4.  We start the work.

Here’s our service offerings and price sheet.

We pay 15% of paid client billings for the lifetime of the client on leads you generate.

Here are the basic terms of the ZinPartner Program:

  • You have independent contractor status.
  • 1099 reported.  No tax withholdings.
  • We provide campaign support.  Email copy and landing pages if required.
  • Pay 15% of monthly recurring revenue billed. Setup fees included.
  • Paid on the 15th of the following month on current accounts.
  • Monthly tracking statement provided.

Apply for the ZinPartner Program

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