Here’s a problem I’ve been seeing a lot of lately.

You send an email and you have a link on your call-to-action. So far, so good.  The link sends your visitor to your home page or perhaps a general page on your site.  You expect that your reader will be happy to find the thing on your website you were talking about.  You expect them to navigate through your site to find the event registration or the clearance center or the product page.

I’ve seen this again and again.

The problem is (and no disrespect intended) but your site navigation is tricky (complicated even), and many people will bail and go back to what they were doing before your email caught their attention (good job by the way).

In short.  You lost them.

This tip has two parts to it.

Part One:  Send your visitor from the email directly to an email landing page

This is an easy thing to do, but often overlooked.  If you have an event registration page, THAT is the page you send your visitors to.  If you have a clearance center, send them to that page. If you have a specific product you refer to in the email, send them to THAT product page.

Don’t depend on people to “figure it out”.  They just won’t.

You’ll find this strategy alone will get you better results in the form of better conversions. More people stick around to follow through on the call-to-action you want them to follow.

Part Two:  Build a better mousetrap (in the form of a better landing page)

Landing page testing and conversion best practices are not new any more. There ARE proven ways to get better results on a landing page.

If you follow our philosophy on testing you’ll know we’re big fans of split testing different versions of pages to get your conversion numbers as high as possible. We’ve seen pages go from 3% conversion to over 25% conversion.

Which means… for every hundred visitors to the landing page you would now have 25 leads instead of 3!  If getting more leads was your goal.

Let’s pretend you could only get your conversions from 3% to 12%.  That would be a three hundred per cent increase!   Got anything else in your business that you can increase 300%?

Spend some time and devlop a simple testing process.  Use it to run A/B split tests on your pages and see get better results.  Of course we do this for our clients all the time.