I won a new client recently.  I love them. They are a perfect fit for our email marketing strategies and I thought I would take a look at how B2B email marketing did the selling for me…

…because I just took the phone call and signed the deal. No convincing, no selling, no price discounting.  It all happened without effort, like breathing.

The B2B email marking system we built makes this work.

Here’s how we won this client and how you can do the same in your business.

First, we keep a blog (like this one) and publish helpful information that our prospects can read and get and sense for what we believe in and demonstrate that we are email marketing experts.

This new client read 12 pages on our site…and did so 6 months ago.

6 months ago he was thinking about getting email marketing help for his business and came accross our site.  He read 12 pages and then…

…he did the most important thing he could.  He filled out a form requesting more information.

But it didn’t stop there.

Over the next 40 days our autoresponder series kicked in and sent him 5 personal emails offering tips and insight into effective email marketing strategies.

That means he didn’t forget about us and in fact even became more familiar with us.

Make sure you are using autoresponders to build trust.

I noticed also that in the past 3 months he had received our newsletter and a few promotional offers.

I saw he had opened a few of those and then clicked on a link in the last one to read more information and that put him back on our website.

The timing was right!

Then our phone rang.  He called to confirm we could help and what his rate would be.  Who made the sale?  The client himself.  We simply provided enough information to demonstrate we could solve his problem.

This method works for B2B marketing (we just use email to execute it)

1.  Make sure there is a good reason for a website visitor to sign up using an email address.

2.  Create an effective autoresponder series to build a relationship over time.

3.  Send ongoing emails balanced with helpful news and promotional offers.

4.  Be prepared when the phone rings!  (your phone number is all over your site right?)

I thought I would relate this story because it’s what works for us…

…perhaps it would work for you too.

Call us.  707 320-2507 and we’ll see.