I’ve been working with Aweber for a number of years and have been a big fan of their software to support your email marketing campaigns.

One reason I like Aweber is they are one email marketing service vendor who supports popup windows to help increase your signups.

“I won’t ever use popups.  I hate them!” You Say.

I hear this from almost every client I’ve introduced the concept of a popup to.  I have also seen pop up screens increase newsletter signups by a factor of 10!  That’s right 10 times more people on your list.

Imagine 3,650 names on your list vs 365.  Or imagine 36,500 names vs 3,650.  Read on to see what Jim says about popups.

Here’s why Jim Kurkal is a Genius.

In his blog post, (read it here) he shows you why your personal opinion about popups is irrelevant.  Finally, someone who has been able to express in a short post what I have been ranting about for years.

Popups work and it doesn’t matter if you like them or not.  Sometimes you have to do things you don’t like in order to succeed…genius.

Here’s a copy of Jim’s popup on his web site.  It’s professional and well done.  (Hey Jim, try it with a 40 second delay and see what that does to conversions)



Me, I have to take a short break and have my webmaster add a popup back to my site.  I have been a bit slack and don’t have a current popup on my site since my last site design change.  (I’ll fix that in about 30 minutes)

Here’s the software Jim (and now Mitch) uses.  Read more here> Yes, it’s an affiliate link but I recommend it if I use it.