I had an interesting conversation with a rep from a well-known inbound marketing company today.

We were talking about marketing strategies and I was describing how we are email-marketing centric and at the same time email is just a tool to carry out your strategies.

The interesting part was when I asked, “What do you call it when I put my lead capture form on a Facebook page to help build my list?”  “Well, that’s social of course.”  she replied.

I found that interesting. 

When just part of the process (list building) touches social media then it’s defined as social marketing.

My views on social media marketing and email marketing have been pretty consistent for the past few years. 

Email and Social are not mutually exclusive.  They work better when working together…

… like adding an optin form to your Facebook fan page.  Suddenly your list building is enhanced because your target audience has a chance to see your offer in a new place.

So you end up with a bigger list and more impact on your results.

Keep that in mind when you’re thinking of your list building strategies.  It’s not what you call it that matters, it’s what you do that matters.

Results count.

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