One question I get frequently is “How do I grow my list?” I’ve shown some great examples of list building techniques here in this blog but I came across one yesterday that I thought was quite well done.

Use an iPad as a data entry screen.

overview_safari_20100414This is a simple three step process and you’ve added a new way to collect email addresses.

1.  Place an iPad at your point of sale.  First you need to use the technology to it’s advantage.  iPads are sexy and cool and people love them.

I’ve seen (two) businesses that use a small laptop for this purpose but an iPad has a much higher form factor.  Not everyone has seen or touched one.

Place a small sign nearby and invite people to join your list in order to get the latest news, info, and offers.  (In case you’re worried there are ways to secure your iPad so it doesn’t walk out the door.  Have you ever tried to get one out of the Apple store?)

2.  Create a webpage with an optin form on it.  You could of course write an App that collects data (there’s already one for winery tasting rooms) but let’s keep this simple.

Use a simple html web page with a sign up form. Ask for name and email address (any maybe State) and it’s as simple as that.

3.  Send out an autoresponder message or series. This is a pretty important piece of the puzzle.  Keep in mind that signing up for your list on an iPad was only one small part of someone’s day.  You’ll need to remind them they did so and you’ll want to start to build a stronger relationship.

I’ve written lots about autoresponders so you already know how to use them.

I’ll be watching for the first iPad I see with this on it.  If you see one let me know!