These days Email Service Providers, like Streamsend, are working hard to win your business and provide the best email marketing support possible.  They have videos and tutorials to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

But, there might be some important email marketing strategies you’re not using or certain processes you’re not familiar with that can impact your success.

screen_shot_2013-01-11_at_10-04-43_amWe’ve been using Streamsend with clients since early 2011 and have been very happy with how it performs and how responsive their support department is.  Whatever software you use, you’ll talk to support at some point.

Here’s how a Streamsend Expert can help with your email marketing:

1.  Get you started. You might have a new Streamsend account and started to wade into the tutorials and suddenly email marketing seems overwhelming.

There is a lot to get familiar with.  A Streamsend consultant can get you going faster.

They can organize your settings and set up your system fast.  And the quicker you get ready to send messages the quicker you can be ready to take advantage of the juicy benefits of email marketing.

2.  Do a review of your Streamsend usage.  A Streamsend expert will have experience with different industries and different campaigns. They also know what type of results are typical and what you could expect.

A review can also highlight areas where you aren’t taking full advantage of the software.

3.  Teach you to be a power user.  You might not be using pop ups for optins, or split testing for improving results, or reviewing reporting statistics.  You might not be integrating social media properly or starting to use video emails

4.  Write some killer copy for you. You might be using the double optin process properly or sending messages that are technically sound.  But, they are, how shall I say… boring.

The heart of great email marketing is great copy.  Copy that sells.  We can do that.  We’ve designed and sent over 2,500 email campaigns since 2008.

5.  Take over for you.  You might be growing and want to outsource your email marketing to a Streamsend consultant.  You don’t need to hire someone full time but you’re now finding its becoming more challenging to get the mail out.

If you outsource your email marketing to an email expert, you’ll have more time to run your business and you’ll get better results from having experience in your camp.

We could help you.  This is what we do for a living after all.