OK, you know I’m a big fan of Groupon.com  I’ve written a few observations about their business and their brilliant use of email marketing strategies.  Read the blog posts here

But being big doesn’t make you perfect.  Here’s an email strategy that flies in the face of their previous success.  So much so, I wonder how it could even happen.

Announcing Grouponicus!

Small mistake number One:  I signed up and gave permission (keenly requested even) to receive the daily deal for the city of my choice-Las Vegas.  I get the emails, I read them when I have time and I buy the Groupon to get a deal or discover a new company.

This is true for all Groupon Customers.  Seattle=Seattle.  Vanouver=Vancouver.  Las Vegas=Las Vegas.  The messages are targeted and thats why they work!

Now I get this.



They introduce me to Los Angeles deals!  What?

I check with a couple of Groupon friends in different parts of the country and guess what…they got Los Angeles offers too.

The Big Groupon Mistake!

This is like me signing up for Lady Gaga news and getting offered Celine Dion, or signing up for Golf News and getting Texas Holdum…you get the point.

This assumption that just because I’m on your list for one thing means I want to hear ANYTHING you have to say.  I don’t.

Don’t make this mistake with your list.  Respect their wishes and give them what they ask for.