Now we’re getting somewhere.  Today I read a news announcement that Google is considering buying  That’s pretty darn good for a company that has only been around for…what, two years or so?

In case you don’t know them, Groupon works like this.  You sign up for a ‘deal of the day’ in the city you live in, say Las Vegas.  Now you are on the daily Las Vegas email marketing list.  You only hear about offers in the Las Vegas area (you can even customize your interests to only hear about your own areas of interest).


You won’t hear about New York or Seattle deals.  Each deal is basically offering you a discount.  Merchants use it in order to generate interest from new customers and customers use it to experience new merchants at a discount.

It’s a great use of the email marketing list concept and it’s really well executed.

Here’s a list of the growth of the website based on traffic data from


It’s clear they have been very successful and a HUGH part of the growth of their business comes from the fact that once you sign up for offers you receive an email daily showing you great new discounts (even if you never signup up for any).

The email marketing list generates tons of traffic!

What I like about Groupon is their business model is based in large part on connecting their subscribers with merchants and merchants with new customers.  It’s a true win-win.

Have you been developing an email marketing list for your business to win new customers or maintain current customers?

If not, it should be a key part of your marketing strategy.