Read this great article about Yesmail Interactive’s “Email Marketing Compass” based on their analysis of 25 BILLION emails sent over a one year period ending in mid-2012.


The highlights are that open rates are down overall and unique clicks have also decreased.  At the same time the open rate for active email subscribers is up 6% year over year.

Read the full article here:

The big news for me was the role that mobile now plays in email reach.

They state that over 64% of emails are opened on a mobile device yet mobile clicks on account for 34% of all clicks.  That means one of two things. Either the content isn’t optimized for mobile viewing or the offer isn’t mobile-usable.

Make sure you incorporate mobile best practices into your email campaigns.

The other area for big, big improvements is the use of triggered campaigns. I find with my new clients this is usually one area they neglect.

Yet triggered campaigns show the biggest room for improvement when done properly.