This article is going to look a bit long but the email newsletter tips are best shown via screen cap so you can see an email newsletter campaign that is ALMOST done right.

They sure are trying hard.

Here’s the story.  I’m in H&M with my kid and I see this newsletter sign up sign.  It’s in the store.  I like that. Most retailers are barely collecting emails at the till.

I see they have a url AND a code to scan.  (Nice.  However because the QR code is obscured by the sign holder I can’t scan it.)  I did lift the sign to scan it and was taken directly to the newsletter signup page.  Remember if you are going to use a QR code send people to the page you want them to go directly to.  Don’t make them think… and don’t make them lift a sign to scan!


I waited till I got home to go to the page so I could sign up.

BAM!  POW!  SHAZAM!  (for you Batman fans)   Here’s the page I see.


A ‘Page not found’ error!  Really?  Has anyone checked the email newsletter registration process?

But there is a ray of sunshine.  I click on the Newsletter Sign-Up link to try again.


Now we’re getting somewhere.  The reason to sign up is quite compelling and it offers a 20% on your next purchase.  The sign-up form also has a clever feature. If you select an item on the Number of Children drop down menu, it asks for the year of your kids birth.  Good example of early segmentation in the process.

Next step is the Thank You page.  Here’s what I see AFTER I subscribe.


What they’re asking for here is your street address.  They say you’ll “receive more exciting offers and news in the mail” but I don’t think that’s strong enough.  A stronger explanation and offer will get a higher percentage of street addresses for their direct campaign.

Let’s pop over to our inbox and see what they sent us.


This is pretty good.  This is a good email subject line!  It restates the benefit (20%) and the original offer (enter the contest).

This should ensure strong open rates. Are you using good subject lines in your emails?

Finally, here’s the payoff.


GREAT execution.  Some marketers might disagree with me but I like the valid until April 1, 2013 expiry date.  That’s 15 days from now.  Enough time to make me think about it and drop back to the store.

Overall I have to rate this a B.  I’m tempted to give them a B+ but the problem areas are all at the sign up steps.  If you can’t get on the list, the rest of the features don’t count.


1.  CHECK YOUR OWN PROCESS!  Does it even work?

2.  Make a strong offer and follow through.  People actually read this stuff.