When you want to reach out to someone new, you send them an email.  When you want to follow up on a phone call, you send them an email.  When you want to check in with a prospect, you send them an email. When you want to invite your best customer to your next open house, you send them an email.

In almost any business or personal setting, sending them an email, is one of your key steps.

Yet, I come across companies every day that haven’t got that concept in place, let alone made it an important part of their marketing strategy.

Why is that, do you think?

I think that ever since the first SPAM message was sent in 1978, people have had a block about using or sending email because they don’t want to be accused of being a spammer.

It’s a valid concern and often that concern is preventing many otherwise successful businesses from realizing their full potential because they are missing a key element.

How key?

For years now the Direct Marketing Association has reported that email marketing returns the top ROi of ANY digital marketing strategy.  Yes, it beats PPC, SEO, Social Media Marketing.  Yet companies that are spending thousands each month on PPC don’t have an integrated email strategy in place.

Let’s do this.  Ask yourself these 5 questions and see if you’re using email to its fullest potential.

1.  Do you have multiple methods for capturing an email address on your website?  Opt-in forms, newsletter signups, whitepapers, discount coupon offers, free evaluations, contact us forms, or quote forms, things like that.

2.  Do you have an automatic series of emails designed to go out in specific intervals when triggered by one of the email capture methods?

3.  Are you sending emails to your audience more than once per month?

4.  Do you have your emails segmented into different groups?  Things like new prospects, new clients, past clients, blue chip clients, newsletter subscribers.

5.  Do you A/B split test your email campaigns?  

If you’re not doing ALL 5 of these things at least, you’re missing out.  The only question is how much money are you leaving on the table?  

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