This email marketing tip for increasing list size is pretty simple.  Yet most wineries don’t do it.

In your wine tasting room you need a form like this one from Imagery Winery in Sonoma Valley, CA.



These guys are doing three things properly.

1.  They tell you what to expect.  “Get the latest news on special offers, winery events, new arrivals and much more.”

2.  They tell you what to do.  “Simply fill out the back of this card and hand it to a Sales Associate”  Bonus points if they incent the sales associate to ask for a filled out form!  I don’t remember if they did this the day I was there.

3.  They also direct you to the website.  “or visit”  Tell them I sent you.

These may seem like simple things but they can make the difference between a small ineffective list and a powerhouse list you can sell out an event with!