I’m not ashamed to say I’m a big fan of pizza.  My waistline doesn’t agree but who’s in charge here.

One company that I think does an excellent job and the discipline of marketing is Papa Johns.  I’ve got a ton of great marketing campaigns and today’s example is a fundamental tenant of marketing that you just shouldn’t ignore for your business.

This strategy is particularly effective via email but let’s break it down into it’s parts and then examine why it’s so well suited for email marketing campaigns.

Here’s the offer:



This screen shot is from the home page of the Papa Johns website and is one of 4 they present.  I liked this offer because it’s a good example of the “Add Fries” strategy you hear so often attributed to McDonalds.  (followed by the “Supersize Me” offer)

Here’s why it works.

Let’s assume you’re on the Papa Johns website because you’re hungry and you want to order a pizza.  You don’t want to read a lot and you don’t want to dilly dally around…

… you’re hungry, remember?

As you read the offers you see something different.  A CD AND a pizza for 22 bucks.  Now I know you’re thinking, “That’s crazy, who would order that?  Wouldn’t they go for chicken wings or breadsticks or some other ‘Add Fries” offer?”

It may be true, BUT think about the whole bundle.  This offer is only TARGETED for someone who:

A)  Likes Taylor Swift and B) hasn’t downloaded or picked up the CD yet.

As it turns out there will be a large number of people who are in just that situation.

The key is to then run your statistics and see just how many people (as a percentage of orders) take this one.  And if enough people do you’ve done one very important thing to strengthen your business.  You have increased a $14 One Topping order into a $22 One Topping and CD order.  If you did it properly you’ve added an item which increases your margin too!

How it works in email.

Next time you plan and send a promotion, take your offer and spend some time to pick an appropriate “Add Fries” bundle and see if you can increase your order size AND your margin.

If you are doing more advanced email marketing this would make an excellent A/B split test.

Send your basic offer to half your list and send your “Add Fries” offer to the other half.

The split with the highest MARGIN wins!  Rinse and Repeat!

You’ll find that good marketing really, really takes place between your ears 🙂

One building block at a time.