Email Marketing Consultants Can Kick Start Your Email Campaigns!!

Email marketing seems simple enough.  All the software companies tell you how easy it is to do.  There are, however, many pitfalls.

I estimate less than 10% of businesses are using email marketing and many are not using it to its full potential.

We are obsessed (honestly) with email marketing. As an email marketing consultant, it’s all we do.

We keep current on legal issues, best strategies, cool design, and we watch email strategy like a hawk so there is no one more well versed in the latest.

But we offer more than just setting up and sending an email. We know marketing.  Email is just the tool which allows a killer marketing campaign to flourish and you to receive stunning results.

When you engage us, we bring our marketing experience to the table.  That means knowledge from over 1,000 campaigns in over almost 100 different industries.

Our Email Marketing Services

Here’s how we help our clients.

  1. We create good strategy so the email supports your business goals.
  2. We develop winning email campaigns so you get better results.
  3. We write winning copy so your emails get read.
  4. We do quality assurance testing on every email so your emails go out accurately.
  5. We measure and track results so your campaigns continue to improve.

In short, our email marketing services are the appropriate ones for your situation.  Every client has different requirements so we propose different email strategies.

In short, we're an e-mail marketing agency that will do the work -- you make the money and get to focus on what you do best -- run your business.

We only select a few clients each month to work with.

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If you're interested in learning more, I highly recommend that you submit your application immediately! If your application is accepted, YOU’LL ALSO GET... a free 30-min consultation with me personally to help us decide if/how we might want to work together -- so there's absolutely no risk!

But remember: I only want to work with companies that want to build a high quality super successful relationship with their readers -- and if my research is any indication, there are lots of you out there. If this does NOT describe you, please just send for the free report at the top of this page.

Wishing you success,

P.S. If you don't take the time to look at improving your emarketing, when WILL you start? OR -- how WILL you grow the sales and profits of your existing online presence?