If you have sales reps, or an order desk this simple email campaign will give you an immediate boost in leads and sales… immediate.

One of the fun aspects of my business is I get to experiment with new email strategies that I read about or hear from others.  It’s a bit of an adventure because I never know for sure how they will perform.

Generally, I’ll test these campaigns on my own list and leads to see what happens.

Here’s an example of a simple email campaign that I ran earlier in the year… with amazing results.

My open rate was 28% higher than normal and my inbox was filled with responses within 24 hours of sending this email.

It’s simplicity will make you scratch your head but it works!

Simply create a short email with the subject line: “Are you still interested?” and send them this email.  DO NOT add more copy to it.  Of course you can replace ’email marketing’ with your service but otherwise, don’t mess with the language.

If there is any test that can demonstrate to you if your subscribers actually read your messages this it it.

If you need a shot in the arm to bring some of your old leads back to the table, this is it.

You’ll be surprised at the power of this simple concept… just ask.

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