How to make your email signup process your best first impression

VIDEO: Here is an example of how to make your email signup process more effective. Case study: Chalone Vineyard. TRANSCRIPT: Hello this is Mitch Tarr, President and founder of Today we are going to go through an email review and walk through an email sign-up process, and just take a look and see how […]

A Common Email Marketing Newsletter Mistake

I’m a big fan of red wine, Pinot Noir in particular.  So it’s no surprise I’d be interested in related info. Even though I am on over 647 wine-related email lists, this one caught my attention… …for a second. I’ll show you the email in a second but the mistake is more common than you […]

Do You Have a Newsletter Signup in Your Wine Tasting Room?

This email marketing tip for increasing list size is pretty simple.  Yet most wineries don’t do it. In your wine tasting room you need a form like this one from Imagery Winery in Sonoma Valley, CA.   These guys are doing three things properly. 1.  They tell you what to expect.  “Get the latest news […]

Create a Winning Wine Marketing Email in 3 Simple Steps.

Small wineries are pressed for time and money.  Always.  It’s simply the way the industry is.  You have to wear many hats to make a winery work. Follow these three steps and you’ll have a winning wine marketing email (and you’ll sell some wine at the same time). And the best part.  You can do […]

Three Email Wine Marketing Tips.

Many wineries that I talk with are interested in using email to bolster their direct to consumer sales but seem to be struggling with how to get it done properly.   Here are three basic building blocks that will help you get a better result from your mailings. I’m working on the assumption for these […]