Three Email Newsletter Design Tips.

I sign up for email newsletters all the time.  I want to see what different companies are doing with their email newsletter best practices. We also send email newsletters on behalf of our clients and we watch and monitor results to see what resonates with our client’s clients. With all of this experience, I feel […]

What Can We Learn from Black Friday Email Campaigns?

Black Friday…biggest shopping day of the year. Camping out to get a flat screen TV.  Scanning the web for the very best deals.  Fighting for your spot in line. Sound great.  Glad I spent mine online and skipped the crowds. Here’s a list of a few of the emails I received on Black Friday and […]

Why Don’t My Email Marketing Campaigns Work?

Could be one thing, could be many things, or could be something that’s been slowly building up. Go through this checklist and see how many of these areas you could improve. 1.  Your collection methods.  It all starts with how you are collecting your emails.  The more open and transparent and more good reasons you […]

5 Tips to Improve Your Email Campaigns.

If your email campaigns are flat or if you are running out of email campaign ideas you might want to take these 5 tips to heart. You’ll find that a systematic approach can spur your creativity and allow you to get better results. 1.  Segment your lists. One very simple thing you can do to […]

Five Email Newsletters Best Practices

I’ve signed up for literally hundreds of email newsletters in the past few years in order to discover what others are doing for email newsletters best practices. What I’ve discovered is quite amazing.  Most companies are simply getting it wrong. Here are five simple things you can do that will make your email newsletters stand […]

Three Ways a Constant Contact Expert Can Help Your Business

We are big fans of Constant Contact–ever since we tried to figure out how to do our first mailing for a web client we had in 2004.  We knew how to market but we didn’t quite get how we could build stronger client relationships using Constant Contact. But we kept at it and we kept […]

Three Email Wine Marketing Tips.

Many wineries that I talk with are interested in using email to bolster their direct to consumer sales but seem to be struggling with how to get it done properly.   Here are three basic building blocks that will help you get a better result from your mailings. I’m working on the assumption for these […]