What’s an Email Autoresponder and Why Do You Need One?

I think an email autoresponder is probably the biggest secret weapon in the email marketing arsenal. An email autoresponder isn’t a complicated thing.  It works like this. 1.  Something happens.  Like someone signs up for your newsletter. 2.  An email automatically gets sent. 3.  Other emails follow to a predetermined timeline. Here’s a simple method […]

Three Unforgivable B2B Email Marketing Mistakes.

Perhaps unforgivable b2b email marketing mistakes is a bit strong but I feel like B2B marketers should know better.  They should have some marketing skill in the house and not make any one of these. But alas, it’s all too common that the focus in on the wrong thing or worse you don’t have a […]

A Three Step Method For Sales Prospecting Using Email

My clients have been using some pretty effective methods for sales prospecting using email in combination with a landing page. There isn’t anything new about this method but it seems to have fallen out of popularity as marketers forget the purpose of their email marketing programs. By following a three step sequence for your email […]