Is Groupon a good use of email marketing… or a bad one?

Groupon is in the news again lately.  The combination of poor stock market performance and the firing of their CEO has writers examining and re-examining the Groupon business model. Is it an issue with a poor business model, sketchy execution, or bad executive decisions? Sure, those are issues. But you don’t build a multi-billion dollar […] Teaches Us About the Email Marketing List-Part II

Now we’re getting somewhere.  Today I read a news announcement that Google is considering buying  That’s pretty darn good for a company that has only been around for…what, two years or so? In case you don’t know them, Groupon works like this.  You sign up for a ‘deal of the day’ in the city […]

Use Email Marketing to Acquire New Customers-A Lesson From Groupon Part I

By now you’ve probably heard of Groupon.  If you haven’t, you will soon.  (or visit the Groupon website and read about it) First, we can all take a lesson from the Groupon site design.  Here is their sign up box where you can join their list.   You should note that this ACTION form is […]