Why You Need a Monthly Email Newsletter

Most of you know that having an email newsletter is a good thing. Many of you even have the intent to create an email newsletter every month. Somehow, though, things go horribly wrong. It’s pretty rare for me to see a business where the email newsletter is a high priority… …yet it should be! If […]

My best example of an email newsletter campaign (including design)

One of my clients from a few years ago has been continuing to work on their email newsletter and I think today it is one of the BEST examples out there of how to do a newsletter… especially if one of the reasons you do a newsletter is to sell product. Let’s jump right into […]

Don’t Make Me Think! An email design guide to improved readability

Many years ago, when I first got interested in online and Internet marketing, I came across a book called “Don’t Make Me Think!” by Steve Krug.  Hard to believe this book is now 14 years old and on it’s second edition. Two things have stuck with me from this book. One, common sense it the […]

Email Newsletter Tips and Tricks from H&M

This article is going to look a bit long but the email newsletter tips are best shown via screen cap so you can see an email newsletter campaign that is ALMOST done right. They sure are trying hard. Here’s the story.  I’m in H&M with my kid and I see this newsletter sign up sign.  […]

How Effective is the email newsletter sign up process at Zappos.com?

Zappos is know as one of the top eCommerce sites on the web.  Certainly top in the eyes of Amazon.com who bought them not too long ago.  I noticed recently that Zappos.com is working on building their list. How good a job are they doing at collecting email addresses? First observation I would make is […]

A Common Email Marketing Newsletter Mistake

I’m a big fan of red wine, Pinot Noir in particular.  So it’s no surprise I’d be interested in related info. Even though I am on over 647 wine-related email lists, this one caught my attention… …for a second. I’ll show you the email in a second but the mistake is more common than you […]

How to Use Ezine Advertising to Create Leads for Your Business

In today’s competitive environment, many small businesses are looking for ways to generate new leads. Ezine advertising is often overlooked as a simple way to reach your target audience. All you need is a little bit of work and a small budget and new leads can be yours. The strategy is quite simple. Find ezines […]

How to Write A Winning Email Newsletter in 30 Minutes or Less.

We see businesses quite often struggle with creating email newsletters or email promotions. It seems like they over think things and end up making what can be a simple process more complicated than it has to be. Follow these four steps for creating email newsletters and email promotions and you’ll spend less time worrying over […]