Use Email Marketing to Acquire New Customers-A Lesson From Groupon Part I

By now you’ve probably heard of Groupon.  If you haven’t, you will soon.  (or visit the Groupon website and read about it) First, we can all take a lesson from the Groupon site design.  Here is their sign up box where you can join their list.   You should note that this ACTION form is […]

Jim Kurkal is a Genius…Grow Your List More Quickly.

I’ve been working with Aweber for a number of years and have been a big fan of their software to support your email marketing campaigns. One reason I like Aweber is they are one email marketing service vendor who supports popup windows to help increase your signups. “I won’t ever use popups.  I hate them!” […]

A Tip From Victoria’s Secret on Building Your Email List.

Sometimes an example is the best way to show a lesson on building your email list. You know Victoria’s Secret is a mega brand.  They have top notch marketers on board and follow best practices in their email campaigns. But this one really stands out.  Look at the window below and I’ll give you four […]

Twitter Can Help You Grow Your Email List.

Here’s an example of a simple email collection method used by Publishers Clearning House. It’s a two step process.  Here’s how it works. 1.  Run a Contest.  You can see in the screen cap below that a Photo Contest has been created offering a $2,500 to the winning photographer.  In order to win the prize […]