Three Email Newsletter Design Tips.

I sign up for email newsletters all the time.  I want to see what different companies are doing with their email newsletter best practices. We also send email newsletters on behalf of our clients and we watch and monitor results to see what resonates with our client’s clients. With all of this experience, I feel […]

How to Use Ezine Advertising to Create Leads for Your Business

In today’s competitive environment, many small businesses are looking for ways to generate new leads. Ezine advertising is often overlooked as a simple way to reach your target audience. All you need is a little bit of work and a small budget and new leads can be yours. The strategy is quite simple. Find ezines […]

Check out Sheryl Crow’s New CD-and her email newsletter.

I’m a big fan of Sheryl Crow so I couldn’t help but rate her email marketing practices when I passed through her website this weekend. I think they take building their list seriously because there is a prominent link to the ‘Join The Official Mailing List’ on the home page.   It’s above the fold […]

Five Email Newsletters Best Practices

I’ve signed up for literally hundreds of email newsletters in the past few years in order to discover what others are doing for email newsletters best practices. What I’ve discovered is quite amazing.  Most companies are simply getting it wrong. Here are five simple things you can do that will make your email newsletters stand […]

Paula Begoun Has Awesome Email Newsletter Design.

I have to say, I”m not really Paula’s prime demographic but I’m on her list and I look forward to receiving her emails.  Simply because they are done right. I’ll show you why in this email review.  ***I’ll be reviewing this email design from a marketing perspective rather than a pure design perspective, just so […]

Three Steps to Winning Email Newsletter Campaigns

I work with a lot of companies who have email newsletter campaigns in place but are unhappy with the results. They seem sincere when they tell me that they followed the email software templates to the letter and for some reason they aren’t getting the results they expected. Here’s an insider’s secret about email newsletters.   […]