A Lesson From LinkedIn on Email Newsletter Design

I get questions about email design constantly. Often I’m asked to review an email newsletter design so I thought it would help to show an example of a great email newsletter.  Now you can apply the concepts to your own design. You’ve probably heard me say, you should apply 80% of your effort to your […]

My best example of an email newsletter campaign (including design)

One of my clients from a few years ago has been continuing to work on their email newsletter and I think today it is one of the BEST examples out there of how to do a newsletter… especially if one of the reasons you do a newsletter is to sell product. Let’s jump right into […]

Sample newsletter checklist to help you create killer e-newsletters

Part of the challenge with creating a sample newsletter for you to base your e-newsletters on is there are so many different designs and templates available that your choices can be mind-boggling. However, that’s your challenge. How do you find an email newsletter template that can showcase your awesome brand? The good news is you […]

New Email Marketing Review for Musicians: Lake Street Dive

I discovered a new band recently,  Lake Street Dive.  They are FANTASTIC! So like any new fan I cruised over to their website to see what I could see.  And of course, I immediately looked for an email sign up form.  Once I got through the registration process I thought other musicians might appreciate a […]

How Effective is the email newsletter sign up process at Zappos.com?

Zappos is know as one of the top eCommerce sites on the web.  Certainly top in the eyes of Amazon.com who bought them not too long ago.  I noticed recently that Zappos.com is working on building their list. How good a job are they doing at collecting email addresses? First observation I would make is […]

Four Mistakes That are Killing Your Email Newsletters

The word on the street is that sending an email newsletter is golden.  It’s easy.  Just grab an email template from your ESP, throw in some information about your company, add a promotion and you’re good to go. But it just doesn’t work that way.  Email newsletters are a whole different beast.  They act differently, […]

Three Email Marketing Techniques To Increase Your Website Traffic

Email marketing continues to be a highly effective method to promote brand awareness and sell products and services.  While most people do not want a lot of clutter in their email boxes, well-crafted email marketing from a familiar vendor can be welcomed and some people even look forward to the next message. Quality email marketing […]