Hey Mitch. Does email personalization still work?

Email personalization is a topic you hear hotly debated in marketing circles… and it has been for some time. First of all.  Email personalization is the concept of including a person’s name in an email to make it more, well, personal.  In so doing, it becomes more effective because the reader thinks you really are […]

Two ways to run split tests in your email marketing campaigns.

A/B split testing is one of the single most important skills you can learn as an email marketer.  I may have told you this story before but… it’s a good one. I attended an email conference in Miami a few years ago and the presenter showed two different emails they were split testing for their […]

The 5 Marketing Emails You Must Learn How to Write

After working with hundreds of accounts in 104 different industries designing, writing, and sending emails there seems to be 5 marketing emails that I see again and again.  It makes sense to me that you should know how to write THESE 5 emails because some day you’re going to need one or all of them! […]

How to set up your email double opt in process for maximum effect

The beginning of any relationship is where you have a chance to make a lasting first impression… either positive or negative.  And email marketing is no different. Usually the sign up process is where you get to make that first impression.  I thought it would be helpful today to go through those steps, one by […]

Does Google Love or Hate Email Marketers? The New Google One-Click Unsubscribe Arrives.

Google Gmail Unsubscribe Feature… Attention email marketers… Google hates you!  Or… do they really love you and try to make your life easier? I subscribe to the ‘Google loves you’ theory.  Really though, it’s all how you look at it. In Google’s latest Gmail update, an unsubscribe button will now appear in the header of […]

Email campaigns, musicians, and sign up strategies

I thought you would benefit from seeing some good (and some not-so-good) email marketing practices used by top musicians…  I would expect them to have a bigger Digital marketing budget than you do! Recently I discovered a new band, Lake Street Dive, so I rushed over to their website to learn more. Read this post […]

Don’t Make Me Think! An email design guide to improved readability

Many years ago, when I first got interested in online and Internet marketing, I came across a book called “Don’t Make Me Think!” by Steve Krug.  Hard to believe this book is now 14 years old and on it’s second edition. Two things have stuck with me from this book. One, common sense it the […]