Email campaigns, musicians, and sign up strategies

I thought you would benefit from seeing some good (and some not-so-good) email marketing practices used by top musicians…  I would expect them to have a bigger Digital marketing budget than you do! Recently I discovered a new band, Lake Street Dive, so I rushed over to their website to learn more. Read this post […]

New Email Marketing Review for Musicians: Lake Street Dive

I discovered a new band recently,  Lake Street Dive.  They are FANTASTIC! So like any new fan I cruised over to their website to see what I could see.  And of course, I immediately looked for an email sign up form.  Once I got through the registration process I thought other musicians might appreciate a […]

Be specific with your email copy

Short post… BIG impact! I’ve been seeing more and more weak email copy these days and it’s been bugging me.  Bugging me because much of it has been coming from big companies or professional marketers who should know better. Finally, I isolated the issue. It’s their writing.  Their email copy breaks a fundamental rule of […]

Use Facebook Ads and a Landing Page to Build Your List

Here’s a pretty good example of a well-done ad plus landing page combo to build a list. Here’s the ad from my Facebook feed. Nothing fancy.  Take note.  The ad specifies “Biz Owners” in the headline.  That’s a good thing.  The missing link is no benefit is specified for signing up.  You do learn there […]

Email Newsletter Tips and Tricks from H&M

This article is going to look a bit long but the email newsletter tips are best shown via screen cap so you can see an email newsletter campaign that is ALMOST done right. They sure are trying hard. Here’s the story.  I’m in H&M with my kid and I see this newsletter sign up sign.  […]

How Effective is the email newsletter sign up process at

Zappos is know as one of the top eCommerce sites on the web.  Certainly top in the eyes of who bought them not too long ago.  I noticed recently that is working on building their list. How good a job are they doing at collecting email addresses? First observation I would make is […]