Three Reasons to Outsource Your Email Marketing.

Business is often a matter of getting the best Return on Your Investment.  I think generally you have two things to get a return on; your cash and your time. Let’s look at getting a return using email marketing.  These points apply if you are or are not using email now. 1.  Skill.  Do you […]

READER SURVEY: Top 5 Email Marketing Challenges.

I’ve been compiling the results of my email marketing survey and without further ado, here are the the answers to my three questions.   This number surprised even me. The good news is that people are sending something at least every month.  The bad news is more than 50% are not! Email marketing is like […]

What Does Your Email Marketing Consultant Believe In?

I was talking with a new client today and it became apparent that one of the characteristics that had made their business successful in the past 30 years was their basic beliefs. An email marketing consutant (which we are) is no different.  I felt it might help if we outline what we believe in so […]