Why You Need a Monthly Email Newsletter

Most of you know that having an email newsletter is a good thing. Many of you even have the intent to create an email newsletter every month. Somehow, though, things go horribly wrong. It’s pretty rare for me to see a business where the email newsletter is a high priority… …yet it should be! If […]

A classic email collection case study: thehockeywriters.com

Sometimes I find an example of email marketing best practices that is just too good to pass up sharing. I was reading in the NHL off season to get my hockey fix, and I came across this website: http://thehockeywriters.com/ Aside from it’s great layout (and content of course), I noticed something.  This simple popup showed up […]

Case Study: Local Restaurant New Customer Acquisition

I think one of the best ways to demonstrate good email marketing practices is to show them in real life.  Here’s an example of a local promotion for new customer acquisition. You can see from the copy the offer is pretty good. Since I was interested in “$20 off my next bar tab” I had […]

ZinMarketing Reviews the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Email Strategies

I’m so envious. Somewhere, in some city, in some office, there is a marketing agency, or a marketing person, or a staff member who created the idea for the Ice Bucket Challenge. And in so doing, they created what every marketer dreams of.  A bona fide, grand slam, viral marketing campaign… one that includes celebrities, […]

My best example of an email newsletter campaign (including design)

One of my clients from a few years ago has been continuing to work on their email newsletter and I think today it is one of the BEST examples out there of how to do a newsletter… especially if one of the reasons you do a newsletter is to sell product. Let’s jump right into […]

Hey Mitch. Does email personalization still work?

Email personalization is a topic you hear hotly debated in marketing circles… and it has been for some time. First of all.  Email personalization is the concept of including a person’s name in an email to make it more, well, personal.  In so doing, it becomes more effective because the reader thinks you really are […]