The 5 Marketing Emails You Must Learn How to Write

After working with hundreds of accounts in 104 different industries designing, writing, and sending emails there seems to be 5 marketing emails that I see again and again.  It makes sense to me that you should know how to write THESE 5 emails because some day you’re going to need one or all of them! […]

Be specific with your email copy

Short post… BIG impact! I’ve been seeing more and more weak email copy these days and it’s been bugging me.  Bugging me because much of it has been coming from big companies or professional marketers who should know better. Finally, I isolated the issue. It’s their writing.  Their email copy breaks a fundamental rule of […]

6 Simple Ways to Make Your Emails Easy to Read

You create emails.  You write emails.  You send emails… but do your readers read your emails? Have you made it as simple as possible for your audience to digest your message?  Remember, there is LOTS of competition for attention in their inbox. Here are six easy ways to make your message more readable and increase […]

The Psychology of Influence and effective email marketing

One of my favorite marketing books is:  “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” by Dr. Robert Cialdini.  I first read it a few years back and have since re-read it twice.  Its message is that powerful… for marketers that is.   Dr. Cialdini outlines 6 methods of influence and explains why each method works.  One of […]

Email Marketing Tips from Chris Brogan

I was poking around today looking for an idea for this blog post and I stumbled on a post by Chris Brogan. ( Rather than paraphrase what he said I’m going to simply cut and paste a portion of his content simply because I couldn’t agree more and I couldn’t write it any better myself! […]