The changing face of email marketing!

Not too long ago it seemed like the email marketing community had a collective heart failure.  CLEAR… Alas, it was just Gmail attempting to provide a better user experience by pre-sorting your incoming emails into new tabs, like the Promotions tab. The great fear was that if your ‘valuable’ emails got sent to the dreaded […]

The Story Behind the Founding of ZinMarketing

ZinMarketing Inc. is coming up on its 5 year anniversary and it got me to thinking what was the reason I felt there was a need for a quality email marketing agency? Going back to 2008 I had a pretty good foundation in Internet marketing.  I had already worked with about 75 professionals and companies […]

Email Marketing: Don’t Be Accused of Being a Spammer

However, the line between marketing and spamming is woefully thin. Learning to recognize this line and stay on the right side of it will affect not only your marketing success but also your reputation. Email spamming is sending unsolicited email to a large number of recipients. While you might get a sale or two with […]

Proven Email Marketing Tips And Tricks For The Typical Business

  Email marketing is an inexpensive, easy way to reach many customers at once. By following accepted etiquette and optimizing each message, you can interest customers without overwhelming them. Layout and Organization The layout, organization and design of your email marketing messages is crucial to their success. Put the most important information “above the fold”; […]